Come Away with Me to Club Balai Isabel


I have been to Talisay only twice upon writing this article. Once was in my childhood, and all I remember is the fine sands there, peace and quiet, the breath-taking sunrise, a cup of comforting Batangas Bulalo and Tawilis, and the Bahay Kubo of my grandma’s relatives that we used to stay at. The beach and the smell of saltwater in the morning is what made me appreciate that one weekend, and I asked my parents to take me back there again someday..

Fast forward to a decade and some more later, and I was finally back. I wasn’t with my family this time, but with some newfound friends over the blogging community.


We saw some large and small resorts within our 30 minute drive from Star Toll Talisay, but our destination was Club Balai Isabel... A couple of my friends (Hi Jinkee and Millie!!!) and their families have been here and are always coming back, and not just for the summers. Why? Mostly because of the breathtaking view of Tall Volcano, awesome beach and pool facilities, and of course, Batangas Bulalo(Beef bone marrow stew)…

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Chasing the Sunrise to Yangbew and Beyond | Backpacker Mix


Life is like a Morning Hike. Especially when you’ve targeted a certain time, say sunrise of 5:45 am, to reach the top. You’ll have lots of obstacles, and the trail will have steep steps, muddy, or in the case of Mt. Yangbew, dusty paths. IT WILL NOT BE EASY. But just like having a goal in life, having focus and determination will get you there.


midway through the mountain trail and looking back

And yes, while I didn’t get to the peak on time(late for around 5-10 minutes), I enjoyed the sights on the way up the summit of Mt. Yangbew. It is always important to stop and take a breather after all, and take each step of your journey in stride. Appreciate the sights, the way the sunlight creeps onto the mountain peaks.

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Whipped Salon MNL | Why go for Caramel Scrubs and Waxing?

I have always been conscious of my hairy underarms since I was a teen, and the easiest available way to get rid of them, back then was plucking and shaving. The result of those teenage experimenting years? Dark underarms and chicken skin as I grew older.


So I went back to something more natural, which is Caramel Scrubs and Sugar Waxing.

What exactly is Caramel Scrubbing?

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Eat your Heart out at Le Jardin Manila with their new Hearty Lunch Specials | Review

We’ve all known french cuisine to be haughty and quite on the pricey side. With the restaurant where a few friends and I went to last weekend, we found out that it was not always the case. There are a few gems of affordable fine dining here in the Metro, let me tell you, and Le Jardin Manila is one of them.


Le Jardin is located in the Penthouse floor of W Building in 5th Ave, BGC (Bonifacio Global City). If you’re confused on which W Building, just remember that it’s the tall blue one which looks like some sort of mosaic.


I was here before for the launching of Chef Next Door Season 2, and even if the place is packed full of people to the brim, I was floored with the intimate design and fancy feel that it has. If the french garden theme is not enough to satisfy you, there’s always the awesome view that come with restaurants on the penthouse suite of a tall building.😀


All the more when my friends and I went there, and it felt as if we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

PichiJelly_LeJardin-0564 copy

We had a sampling of some of their Hearty Lunch Specials. Costing only 499.00 Php with a round of their special brewed iced tea and a dessert, these dishes proved to me and my friends that authentic and yummy French cuisine need not be expensive. Even if  their dishes are all proved to be home made, and fresh, from their brewed iced tea, to making their own pasta, and baking their own breads.


Seafood Chorizo Pappardelle- This is my favorite main out of the bunch. The pappardelle pasta is quite al dente, their home made chorizo is very crunchy and crisp, and the sweet delicate taste of the seafood shrimps and scallops are a true melody in my mouth. Nag agawan pa kami ni Axl neto hahahaha! It’s that good.🙂

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Ramen Metro: The best place to get your Authentic Japanese Fare


It’s the rainy season nowadays here in the Philippines, and there are a couple of pairings that I love with the cool weather we have today: Ramen or Sopas.😉


Ramen Metro is really a place where you can find and eat to your heart’s content Ramen and other authentic Japanese fare. I was there last Friday to taste some of their ramen dishes, and it’s the best way to celebrate my first day of having the stitches from my wisdom tooth extraction removed. hahaha!

On to the food, me and a few other food bloggers are served 7 of Ramen Metro’s Specialty Ramen… Here are some of them, and an overview of what they taste and is it worth it..

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Meralco MTECH 2016 Innovation Summit

MERALCO’s upcoming technology and innovation summit MTECH 2016 will stage a must-see Exhibit and Experience Zone, which will showcase the latest products and services from the power utility’s business and technology partners.


Top MERALCO executives, led by its President and CEO Oscar Reyes (center, in white), press a red button to signal the opening of MERALCO Technology and Innovation Summit (#MTECH2016) now on its second year.

MERALCO Chief Technology Advisor Gavin D. Barfield said the exhibits would demonstrate the huge amount of technology and innovation that is going on at MERALCO as we embrace the digital age. “We are utilizing the latest technology to improve our grid operations, provide more consumption information and convenience to our customers and to roll out new products and services. At MERALCO, we are engraining technology and innovation into our DNA.”


Meralco Chief Technology Advisor Gavin Barfield (rightmost) is joined by Meralco VP and Head of Marketing, Customer Solutions and Product Development Tony Valdez (4th from right) and Meralco Senior AVP and Head of Corporate Technology Strategy and Architecture Carlo Casem (3rd from right) as they show to media how household lighting can be managed via a smart meter. #MTECH2016

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Review | Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV as seen from a Non Gamer POV (NO Spoilers!)

Kingsglaive is a pretty awesome piece of a bad ass movie. Now, I know you don’t usually see me review movies, but I do love watching them, and I stave off any expectations because I really just want to enjoy the ride. Hence me not reviewing stuff. But this is my first time to watch a ‘gamer’s movie’ and I wanted to look back to these thoughts of mine when I’m older, for sentimental reasons. Hahahaha!


Let’s get going to the good stuff first. I know Square Enix is this awesome Japanese company who started the Final Fantasy Franchise. For those who aren’t familiar, Final Fantasy is a science fiction role-playing game (RPG) and is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. 90s kids would understand! I also know that Kingsglaive is made with characters being modeled upon actors and giving life to said characters through the voices of these actors like Sean Bean of hit series Game of Thrones and Lena Headey, and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul. Talk about an all-star cast!

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