Come Away with Me to Club Balai Isabel


I have been to Talisay only twice upon writing this article. Once was in my childhood, and all I remember is the fine sands there, peace and quiet, the breath-taking sunrise, a cup of comforting Batangas Bulalo and Tawilis, and the Bahay Kubo of my grandma’s relatives that we used to stay at. The beach and the smell of saltwater in the morning is what made me appreciate that one weekend, and I asked my parents to take me back there again someday..

Fast forward to a decade and some more later, and I was finally back. I wasn’t with my family this time, but with some newfound friends over the blogging community.


We saw some large and small resorts within our 30 minute drive from Star Toll Talisay, but our destination was Club Balai Isabel... A couple of my friends (Hi Jinkee and Millie!!!) and their families have been here and are always coming back, and not just for the summers. Why? Mostly because of the breathtaking view of Tall Volcano, awesome beach and pool facilities, and of course, Batangas Bulalo(Beef bone marrow stew)…

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Chasing the Sunrise to Yangbew and Beyond | Backpacker Mix


Life is like a Morning Hike. Especially when you’ve targeted a certain time, say sunrise of 5:45 am, to reach the top. You’ll have lots of obstacles, and the trail will have steep steps, muddy, or in the case of Mt. Yangbew, dusty paths. IT WILL NOT BE EASY. But just like having a goal in life, having focus and determination will get you there.


midway through the mountain trail and looking back

And yes, while I didn’t get to the peak on time(late for around 5-10 minutes), I enjoyed the sights on the way up the summit of Mt. Yangbew. It is always important to stop and take a breather after all, and take each step of your journey in stride. Appreciate the sights, the way the sunlight creeps onto the mountain peaks.

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Celeteque Dual CC Powder in Beige Review

Hi! So the real truth why I have been MIA with makeup posts recently is because I got too depressed with the now sorry state of my make up collection. I’ll post the sob story in another article, but I wanted to try and cheer myself up so I’m posting my verdict on the Celeteque Dual CC powder in Beige for you guys!


The Nitty Gritty:

Usually when I hear CC in the world of makeup, I assume that it comes in liquid/cream form, so this is a first for me. The package claims are:

Caress your face with ample coverage of a 12-hour matte finish powder that lightens skin with daily use. Its Color Correcting pigments even out skin tone while SPF 30 protects from harmful UV rays. It has Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate ) that will hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as Collagen Peptide for skin elasticity and firmness. It also has Glutathione, Arbutin, and Mulberry that will lighten skin with regular use.

Packaging/Where to buy:


Love the simplicity of the packaging, and the fact that it has a mirror and a separator for the sponge and the powder… Sad part here though is they don’t have the shade on the case, but they put it on the box. I had to double and triple think what was the shade again of this thing. Which by the way is Beige. Because I remember I had their darkest.πŸ˜„ Upside is the Manufacturing date and Expiry is well located under the casing.πŸ˜€


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How to : Soft, Supple and Maputing Kilikili Para sa PAK na Aura!


Seriously though, I do the ‘bakla’ speak with my friends. And since we’re all friends here in the blog-o-sphere, I want to share with you everyone how I achieve that silky smooth, soft, supple underarms na perfect pang aura ngayong tag ulan man o tag araw. Of course, maintenance and consistency is the key to that- and I have my monthly treatments from Whipped Salon for having bare- worthy underarms…πŸ˜€


The caramel/Sugar scrub used in WhippedπŸ˜€


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Something to smile about while #StuckInEdsa | Bounty Fresh

Happy MONDAY! Yes. Ugh. Monday. Most people are wary with this day, because it’s the start of workweek. It’s a bit sad that we have to say goodbye to the weekend, but I do have something that will surely captivate you, especially if you’re one to usually come by SM North EDSA or EDSA Magallanes.πŸ˜€


So usually, we find driving #ForeverTraffic EDSA to be pretty irritating. Well, if you look out your window for a bit, you’ll find something more than just witty billboards on the way to work. What? Towering, cute, and cuddly giant, inflatable chicken installations that have people smiling as they drive by, courtesy of Bounty Fresh.

Magallanes 3(1)

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6 AWESOME Design Concepts and MORE | PSID Evolution Exhibit

PSID Evolution Poster (RGB)

With the PSID Evolution Exhibit 2016, I found that you don’t need a DeLorean Time machine (Back to the Future) to go and see The Past, Present and Future. PSID Evolution made it beautifully possible to interpret these timelines into our homes and create wonderful works of art at the same time.

PSID Evolution-0853

Said exhibit is made by the graduating students of the Philippine School of Interior Design Advanced Class of 2016. The Evolution Exhibit takes guests on a journey showcasing 24 exquisitely designed spaces that represent and are inspired from different time periods.

Being able to see each gallery gave me chills, as I was shown how creative and innovative these future interior designers are. With that, I show you guys my top favorites from said exhibit. These rooms have elements and designs that I would love to have in my own dreamhouse someday soon, but I know I would have to contact an interior designer to help make it unified and not ‘chopsuy’. I have to tell you though that some of the works are a bit half-baked and not yet done, hence I’ll be coming back for sure once it opens officially by the 30th.πŸ˜€


Warren Platner Dining Room

PSID Evolution--2

Photo by MartinπŸ˜€

This ‘midcentury cool’ theme of the 60’s room is perfect for for a very adventurous, creative and assertive person, or someone who would just want to enjoy the Retro Vibe when they invite friends over for dinner.

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Celebrate Love With Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematorium | #PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark

Taal Volcano Hiking

Trekking to Taal VolcanoπŸ˜€

I love going on death-defying adventures. Ziplines, Hiking along tall mountain cliffs, trapeze swinging, bungee jumps, surfing and skydiving. Some of these, I already did, some are still waiting to be ticked off my bucketlist.

Zipline philippines

Ziplining in Batis Ng Aramin

All these things that I have indicated are dangerous. But I believe that really, there is no such thing as “Death Defying”. Because everyone’s fate in this world is sealed.


In reality, Death is as natural as Life. It is part of the deal we made. It is not contagious. But it is destined to happen to us. Having a different and less miserable way to view death though- that what makes a big difference on helping us prepare and accept said fate.

Look –Β  As long as we have love and can love each other, and remember that feeling of love we had, we can die without really ‘going away’. All the memories are still there. You live on- in the hearts of everyone who you have touched and nurtured while you are here.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

This very same perspective of Death as the celebration of LOVE is what fuels the concept behind Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory Inc. in Sta. Rosa Laguna. A soon to be Necro-Tourism Leisure property and Memorial for our dearly departed, they have all the modern facilities and amenities you can think of.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

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