My ‘Secret’ Love Affair

May karelasyon na ako noon. Yes. Kung tutuusin, siya pa nga ang nagpakilala sa akin sayo. Hindi ka naman ganoon ka appeal. Mukha ka lang naman na gwapo. Parang walking hot sex. Pero once I got to know you better, natuwa ako sa mga quirks and flaws mo. Hindi ko na namalayan, unti unti na-fall in love na pala ako sa isang katulad mo. Akala ko friends lang, or baka on the way to being a new best friend.


Nalaman rin ng karelasyon ko na napansin kong nafafall na ako sayo. Alam mo ba sinabi niya?

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Come Away with Me to Club Balai Isabel


I have been to Talisay only twice upon writing this article. Once was in my childhood, and all I remember is the fine sands there, peace and quiet, the breath-taking sunrise, a cup of comforting Batangas Bulalo and Tawilis, and the Bahay Kubo of my grandma’s relatives that we used to stay at. The beach and the smell of saltwater in the morning is what made me appreciate that one weekend, and I asked my parents to take me back there again someday..

Fast forward to a decade and some more later, and I was finally back. I wasn’t with my family this time, but with some newfound friends over the blogging community.


We saw some large and small resorts within our 30 minute drive from Star Toll Talisay, but our destination was Club Balai Isabel... A couple of my friends (Hi Jinkee and Millie!!!) and their families have been here and are always coming back, and not just for the summers. Why? Mostly because of the breathtaking view of Tall Volcano, awesome beach and pool facilities, and of course, Batangas Bulalo(Beef bone marrow stew)…

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Chasing the Sunrise to Yangbew and Beyond | Backpacker Mix


Life is like a Morning Hike. Especially when you’ve targeted a certain time, say sunrise of 5:45 am, to reach the top. You’ll have lots of obstacles, and the trail will have steep steps, muddy, or in the case of Mt. Yangbew, dusty paths. IT WILL NOT BE EASY. But just like having a goal in life, having focus and determination will get you there.


midway through the mountain trail and looking back

And yes, while I didn’t get to the peak on time(late for around 5-10 minutes), I enjoyed the sights on the way up the summit of Mt. Yangbew. It is always important to stop and take a breather after all, and take each step of your journey in stride. Appreciate the sights, the way the sunlight creeps onto the mountain peaks.

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There is always a Choice. Choose to Live Your Goals! | PhilAm Life


I have always dreamed of being able to travel and go see the world with my family. All while having the comfort of knowing that I can pay for my children’s education and be prepared in any case of emergency. But being realistic, with today’s inflation rate, the only way to achieve this is by giving up time and applying for 2 jobs with a part time one on the side..

Or Maybe NOT!

You see, if you wish to succeed and reach your goals fast, you don’t really have to stick to one job where you get stuck in traffic for hours, instead of focusing on your work or your family time. And no- I’m not talking about being a call center agent who has to spend sleepless nights and be a vampire just to make ends meet.

Philam KV 3 44x80in FA compressed

Philam Life (The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company) is shaking things up and encouraging one and all to try the Financial Advisor Career a try. After all, this career is an attractive option because :

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Big Dreams? Big Benta is for you! | A UNIQUE Online Marketplace

We have seen all types of online marketplaces, from those that cater to fashion, and other materialistic merchandise. But what about a place where you can sell and build your online store of maybe dresses, makeup, food or tech, a place where you can also post classified ads and offer, promote, receive bookings and payment for your services as service providers based on your preferred time and location? Sounds pretty BIG right?


BigBenta marketplace realizes the need of our fellow Filipinos. Hence this app is awesome because it is for the Filipinos, made by Filipinos.πŸ™‚

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Beaten Down? Indulge. Pamper Yourself. For FREE. | #NationalPamperingDay NailaHolics


We all know that life has it’s ups and downs. We have or maybe are currently even experiencing burnout from whatever challenges we are facing. During these times though, is when we most need to clear our mind, so we can conquer everything life throws at us! There are 3 ways to achieve that:

  • Meditate and pray
  • find your center
  • pamper yourself.


NailaHolics knows this, and to help us conquer our life challenges, they’ve decreed October 17th to be National Pampering Day! This is the best excuse to finally get off the office and give yourself a treat! And to make sure you do that, Nailaholics is giving us a really relaxing manicure and hand massage for free! On most branches Nationwide!

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Ooh La Lash In Glorietta 2 Opening + My Virgin Lashes (updated with Video)

I will admit that I am very thankful to be blessed with thick lashes, and awesome genes. Why the awesome genes? Because my son inherited this trait, and his lashes are longer, curled upwards and are pretty thick as well. It’s like he’s got falsies.πŸ˜€


look closely on his eyes. Bongga diba??πŸ˜€

Ooh La Lash Glorietta 2

Photo by: Seraphim NotesπŸ™‚ Click on the photo to check out her experience with Ooh La Lash and more!

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat. So when Ooh La Lash Lash Extension Lounge opened their doors last September 23, 2016 in Glorietta 2, I was really just opting for a lash perming to be honest. Last minute though, I changed my mind.

Read on to find out what happened! ;D

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